Wilco | Sky Blue Sky
If you prefer songcraft to sonic exploration, you'll fall for Wilco's Sky Blue Sky like you did for Being There. They wrote it in the studio as a band, and like any good album, the magic unfolds with repeated listens. In moments where Wilco settle back into the subtlety of their Americana roots, guitar phenomenon Nels Cline lets loose with something jazzy and proggy, but tasteful. "Either Way" is a simple, sunny song that sets the tone with a warm George Harrison feel. Doubled leads on "Impossible Germany" recall '70s soft-rock obscurities like the cosmic, countrified Krautrock of Sand. - E.Shea
I forgot to mention that Rhapsody got the Premiere stream of the album last Tuesday, I was so busy listening to it that I forgot to blog about it. The Young Wiseman Dan K mentioned that he thought there were riffs on SBS which reminded him of some old Steely Dan riffs. I think there's something to it, give it a stream and tell me what you think. - TK

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