I am officially obsessed with the new Rilo Kiley album, Under The Blacklight. After each listen, I come back with a new favorite song, I just can't decide! My first love on this album was "Breakin' Up" - an upbeat melody and tempo but it's totally heartbreaking at the same time. "Are we breakin' up? Did my heart break enough?" My next favorite is "Dejalo" with Latino beats that remind me of Gloria Estefan (in a good way, if that's possible) and great lines like "I got a tail if you wanna chase it." Jenny Lewis's voice is pristine and innocent, devilish and fun. This is a great album to play really loud and dance around your room. Rock it! -SuperD

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Its a great record, love to see bands take risks. I'm glad so many people are digging it because the initial reaction from the die hard fans was pretty negative.
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