The Society of Rockets | Our Paths Related
I definitely played the Society of Rockets them for you last year, yamember? Man, I could not stop listening to "Out In The Evening" from their first album, Where the Grass Grows Black, all year, it was Best of '06! Well, they are back with another psychedelically bluesy, greasy, Stones-y rock record called Our Paths Related. They describe themselves as utilizing dirt burst guitar, harmonies, rattletraps, sub-stone rumble, sunnnnn organ, theremin, and hallucelluloids, among other things. These are local SF cats who ooze into the record with "Come Ahead Then," a chugging Pink Floyd-esque intro before slamming it into another gear, "Teenage Gears" - just "diggin in the dirt, leavin this world of hurt." It's a white R&B chill down during "Mountain Magic." The horns pop in and out of harmonic dissonance during interludes like "Loose Change". But the best song on the record might just be the burning bluesrock riff meeting the Beach Boys harmonies in "California's Burning." Solid record, Mustard Man. - TK

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