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[Two Gallants album is out next Tues, but Rhapsody has it NOW :-)]
When a band puts out a self-titled LP three albums into their career, is that a statement that this is the career-defining record? The one you want people to listen to first? Every one of Two Gallants albums has multiple songs that I could listen to over and over again from "Drive My Car" and "Train That Stole My Man" to "Steady Rollin" to "Age of Assassins", so I was wondering could that authentic 150 year-old poetroubadour sound be duplicated yet again?
So far, I've been listening to the album for three weeks and I've had four different favorite songs, I'll link 'em all below. Tyson's distinctive drum fills are as creative as ever, and all over the album, mixing well with the lyrical gems. Such as on "The Deader,": "The girl I love is oh so far away, I wonder can she hear me as I go through my day." The longing for the lost girl is still there, and the biting sting of Adam's tongue is still there, they're the perfect mix of adoration and scorn. The raw lust is still there, diving right in to the 'steel trap of your thighs' in "Despite What You've Been Told." So is the loss is still there, check out "My Baby's Gone." And I love this caustic one liner from "Reflections of the Marionette": "I don't want to see you fall, I wanna see you fail." Not only will Two Gallants not fail, they'll bring our fair city of SF with them as they climb to the top of the rock and roll pile on. This is one of the best records of 2007, listen now. - TK

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