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Instead of a fresh new album, today I'd like you to turn your attention to a gospel/rock classic from 35 years ago that cousin Jerry turned me onto last night. Click this and check out this live record by Edgar Winter's White Trash. It will be a much better experience then you are probably thinking it will be as you read this now. It's somehow timely, in a yacht-rock-meets-gospel-tent kind of way, with it's chorus of "Save the Planet! Who will save my planet?" and the always funky refrains about "shuckin and jivin." It's got to be ok to go back to the 70's for one mo' time, old school, and listen to songs like "Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo" and feel what it was like to play it on stage. They take a tight spin on Otis Redding's "Can't Turn You Loose," what a kickin horn section! You will be impressed with the bassline mingling with the lead guitar work of the inimitable Rick Derringer on "Tobacco Road" and "Back in the USA." Listen all the way through, for there is about the Gospel preachinest "Lovelight" around, soul claps and all. I'd put it up against most Dead versions from Pigpen's era. Take out the White Trash for a spin, get a feel for what Edgar brought to the world beyond just the overplayed classic "Frankenstein." - TK

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