SXSWinner: Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
Sat, March 16, 2008 7:45pm

It is not often that I hit the record button and get a true gem, a moment in time, a man just preachin from his soul. Well, this man, he was a righteous man, and his name appears to me as Dusty Rhodes. Not the wrestler. Check the sermon kick off with "You, Me...and Obama! We will legalize marijuana!" I want to go see this man sermonize one of these Sundays. And the band was the perfect backing band for Dustin Apodaca, his River Band plays the honest, rootsy rock of The Band with a modern Oakley Hall kinda setup, rock and roll with violin and banjo. Sessions for their Side1Dummy record First You Live, first began in 2006 with producer Ikey Owens, keyboardist from The Mars Volta. They put on a great show, this clip was from Dusty and the River Band kicking off the JamBase Showcase at SXSW. - TK

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