Partido Alto-Medeski, Martin and Wood-The Dropper
Talkin' Walkin'-Surprise Me, Mr. Davis-03.03.2004-The Tin Angel-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Right Off-(take 10)-Miles Davis-The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions
Stride-Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey-Symbiosis Osmosis
30 Days-Run-D.M.C.-Run-D.M.C.
Peace Frog-The Doors-Morrison Hotel
Choice Blanket-The Sea and Cake-The Sea and Cake
Linus and Lucy-Vince Guaraldi-A Charlie Brown Christmas
Electra Glide-Vida Blue-Vida Blue
Specialist-Interpol-Music From The O.C. Mix 2
Carry The Zero-Built To Spill-Keep It Like A Secret
Company In My Back-Wilco-A Ghost Is Born
Buddy Holly-Weezer-Weezer(1994):Deluxe Edition

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M83 | Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
With a genre of Laptronica, this should instantly give you an idea of what these guys are all about. This disc is totally and completely electronique, a full sound with some really amazing lush soundscapes here. Slightly out of my realm of knowledge with this post, but I was feelin it here. They sound sort of like Air, these guys are from France too, so there's your French Connection. The Real Guide says, "M83's mix of Air's space pop symphonies and My Bloody Valentine's sonic overload mesh so perfectly that it sounds like Sofia Coppola dreamt it up herself. The French duo's mixture of analog synths, warm drones and serene melodies is produced with the VU meters in the red, creating a frayed elegance." - Jon P.

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Nirvana | With the Lights Out (Box Set)
Finally, a Nirvana box set appears, featuring three discs of unheard live tracks and demos that cover every aspect of the band's career. You get Nirvana's first show, and some acoustic demos with just Kurt and a guitar from their final days. What's most amazing (then, now and forever) is how this uncompromising punk-rock nihilism infiltrated the Top 40 universe. Truly groundbreaking, and still a breadwinner. - Jon P.

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The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads was originally released by Sire in 1982 amid growing rumors that the band would not play together again.
The album was originally only released on double vinyl and cassette and is a collectible on these formats. Rhino has just released an expanded and remastered version on double CD with a lot of bonus tracks. The first CD is the best of the '77 to '79 stuff, and the second showcases the expanded '80s version of Talking Heads exploring African polyrhythms, with each of the instruments doubled - Adrian Belew was on guitar, Bernie Worrell on keyboards, Busta Jones on bass, and Steve Scales on percussion, with Dolette McDonald and Nona Hendryx helping out on vocals. All 33 songs have been digitally remastered by Bob Ludwig, including live and extended versions of "Psycho Killer," "Don't Worry About The Government," and "Who Is It?" - TK

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Tesla | Into the Now
...this one's for you, Dee, and the rest of you aging, recovering hair-band metalheads who know that you can still bring it.
Album Mini-Review: This is no lame-o gasp for air from dead men walking. Tesla were one of the more sophisticated bands of the pop metal era. They didn't even qualify as hair metal -- they looked more like townies than trannies. Their music was tough, crafted and melodic as hell. Into the Now proves their talent is as vital as ever. - Mike M.

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Marvin Gaye | Live In Montreux 1980
Recorded four years before his tragic death, this double album is a shining example of Marvin Gaye's exemplary live show, and a testament to his many contributions to popular music. Seventeen tracks deep, it features the Motown star in fine form, treating the crowd to hit after classic hit - "Let's Get It On," "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)," "Inner City Blues," "Mercy Mercy Me" and so many more from his impressive catalog of timeless gems. - Brolin W.

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Ted Leo and the Pharmacists | Shake the Sheets
Upon first listen, this is Ted Leo in his most basic, punk-driven form. Keep listening and you'll hear that hybrid of great lyricism, bitchy punk, and optomistically soulful pub-rock. This album has an election year politically-tinged theme to it in more than a few songs, like the "people waiting for the next excuse for war" in "Bleeding Powers". "Counting Down the Hours" is a perfect mixture of The Jam and Thin Lizzy. The album is really catchy, and combine that with smart anti-partisan lyrics, and we've got a power trio masterpiece. ~TK and Jon P.

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Dave Douglas | Strange Liberation
When listening to Dave Douglas and his groups, you can be guaranteed to experience a refreshing sense of exploration and unpredictability within the music. True to form here, Douglas and his revamped quintet featuring special guest Bill Frisell, work through eleven original compositions that impressively take the listener through variety of interesting melodies, dynamic modes, rhythms and improvised textures. Douglas’ playing is superb and energized as is special guest guitarist Frisell. The two artists share a symbiotic musical match and that is showcased throughout the entire album. A strong collective work from fellow band members James Genus, Clarence Penn, Chris Potter and Uri Caine round out Strange Liberation. This is progressive jazz at it’s best. - from JazzOnline

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Thanks to the Shark for this recommendation. The UK's Snow Patrol has a new album out on Universal, called Final Straw. This is a superb bounce-up-and-down indie rock album that may knock your socks off. Snow Patrol's quiet-loud-quiet approach to music is cooler than Coldplay, and the discordant grittiness that kicks up the hooks on songs like "Run," "Spitting Games" and "Little Tiny Fractures" and makes them burn a little hotter. Obviously influenced by the Super Furry Animals, Final Straw is a heart-crushing mix of distorted British pedal rock and US alternative guitar pop, with some great vocal work to take you over the top. Also, the record is quite well-produced, there some beautiful quiet swirling noises here on this record ("Same"). Turn it up on the headphones, be transported from your office to another land. - TK

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Shady's back, back again, now after The Eminem Show, it's time for the Encore. It's on, baby.... hope you don't puke!

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The Secret Machines' Now Here is Nowhere seems to be one of the breakout albums of 2004, all the hipper-than-thou rockers and buzz mags seem to be talkin' about it. Is it really great, or does it just have Warner's money fueling the buzz? Utilizing a fuzzed-out, heavy drum track that breaks into a storm of guitar squawk and bolts of electronic squeals, these Texans make an immediate first impression. Their psychedelic-pop show features both big guitars and narcotic nod-offs. The last six tracks on this album link are part of a Warner music sampler.

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Bukowski-Modest Mouse-Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Grandma's Hands-Bill Withers-Bill Withers Live At Carnegie Hall
Arabia-Jerry Garcia & David Grisman-Grateful Dawg
All Tomorrow's Parties-Velvet Underground-Peel Slowly And See
Krs-One-Sublime-40 Oz. To Freedom
Closer to Home/I'm Your Captain-Grand Funk Railroad-Capitol Collectors Series
Else-Built to Spill-Keep It Like A Secret
Sunday Sun-Beck-Sea Change
I Second That Emotion-Smokey Robinson and the Miracles-The Big Chill
Happy-Widespread Panic-Bombs & Butterflies
The Horse-Phish-Rift
Silent in the Morning-Phish-Rift

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Cake | Pressure Cheif
All the usual components formulaically surface on Cake's fifth album: matadorian trumpet, quirky Moog riffs, allocated bursts of old guitar tones, click-track rhythm and John McCrea's robotic talk-singing style and off-mic yelps. Hey, if it ain't broken, don't fix it, right? The album is pretty good, and their version of Bread's "The Guitar Man" is awesome. - Eric S.

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